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Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know that Brenda's Buttons can give you tons of 1 inch Gwen Stefani buttons @ 50¢ A Piece payable through PayPal!!!

Not only that but we customize buttons with any picture you'd like, and have collections of other singers. We also make customized MYSPACE buttons for you to make YOUR SPACE known!

Check our LJ profile for more info or feel free to drop by our MYSPACE.



In Tribute to Her Holiness The Stefani Lama- The Nostalgia Salesman has released his newest record- SLOWDOUBT (think down south chopped and screwed mentality, research into the area of postgender theory and crazy live shows in total Peaches & Cock ESP style with mad amounts of crossdressing and karaoke- alongside all the songs you know and love!)

click here to download the full album!

burn it and bump it in your ride or at your local highschool dance!
for booking email ilinde03 [at] simons-rock [dot] edu


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Hey Gwen fans!

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